Our Services


    Secured construction costs at the earliest possible point in time are of elementary importance for the client's decision-making as to whether a construction project should finally be implemented. We support builders and planners in the early planning phases with cost estimates and cost calculations. At this early stage, strategies and options for cost reduction and potential savings that can be activated are worked out together.
    The successively updated cost tracking in the course of tenders, awards and during the construction phase is another important building block for the client. Reliable cost control can be carried out on the basis of consistently managed cost tracking in order to comply with the estimated cost budget.


    On the basis of the design and approval planning, we work out the execution plans and detailed drawings necessary for the successful implementation of the project in coordination with the client and the relevant specialist planners. All the information from the specialist planners comes together centrally in our company. A main focus in the implementation planning is on keeping to the budget while maintaining the architectural objectives. In the course of detailed optimization, solutions are developed that lead to a reduction in costs while maintaining the same construction quality.


    Service phase 6 - Preparation of the award of contract
    After agreeing on the optimal award strategy with the dient, we create the corresponding tender documents depending on the framework conditions for the respective project. These include both functional service descriptions (FLD) and priced item-related service specifications, each for general contractors, sub-general contractors or individual trades. A key focus is keeping within the budget. The service specifications are priced before the offers are obtained and compared with the cost calculation and the cost budget. Insofar as necessary, we agree with the client on the savings potential that can be activated.


    Performance phase 7 - Participation in the award
    Both for awards according to allocation and contract regulation for construction work and for awards outside of the allocation and contract regulation for construction work, we request offers and examine the offers. After all offers have been received and checked, a price index and an award recommendation will be drawn up. The focus here is also on the comparison and control with the cost budget and the cost calculation.
    In the course of technical bidder talks, we support the client until the contract is awarded and prepare the cost estimate, taking into account the cost development.


    Performance phase 8 - Monitoring the construction work to be carried out, taking into account the design and technical specifications as well as the cost specifications, is an essential part of our service. Experienced employees coordinate the construction work on site and ensure compliance with the specified project goals through quality, cost and deadline comparisons up to the acceptance and handover of the building to the client. The object monitoring takes place in close cooperation and in coordination with the specialist planners and construction managers.


    In order to prepare for the award of contracts, we draw up corresponding award schedules depending on the award procedure. For the construction work, a construction schedule based on a framework schedule is drawn up as early as possible with the involvement of the specialist site managers. This acts as a binding timetable for the construction process and is also the basis for the evaluation of obstruction reports and disruptions to the construction process. Furthermore, it is the basis for the creation of necessary notices of default.


    We accompany your project from the project preparation through the determination of the deadline and budget to the final implementation and completion. We fully support you in making decisions about organization, quality, costs, deadlines, contracts and insurance issues in your project. This indudes in particular the awarding of architectural and engineering services as well as the coordination of all other relevant planning services. In doing so, we are guided by the defined areas of action according to the fee schedule for "project management services in the construction and real estate industry" and the desired individual services.